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Building a Conscious Relationship Between Horse and Rider Since 2005


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Freshman to Experience Axiom Equine Workshops

This spring, groups of ninth graders will go with their SMART classes to a horse ranch on a full day field trip. Axiom Equine’s goal is to help people in a unique and meaningful way and teach them valuable skills and lessons.

In the Axiom Equine workshop, students will be led by founders Kate Shook and Melissa Pate in a series of activities where they will interact with horses, through physical contact and leading the horse. The activities are meant to represent something personal to each student.

“The Axiom Equine workshop experience is about helping students develop a sense of what they’re communicating when they’re not using words,” high school principal Danny Rock said. “It’s about understanding the identity and persona that you express all the time, when you’re not talking… The horses are like a mirror of what your nonverbal communication messages are telling people.”


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