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Building a Conscious Relationship Between Horse and Rider Since 2005


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Equine Workshops Inspire Students' Best Selves

For isolated populations and those living in rural communities such as Vashon, some have looked for alternatives to help combat risk factors ranging from PTSD to depression and social anxiety that have especially propelled mental health problems for youth. School officials at the Vashon Island School District have made a concerted effort to improve outcomes and the social-emotional health of their students in recent times. Meanwhile, as researchers continue to explore the relationship between humans and therapy animals, a closer look has been given to horses and the therapeutic benefits of interacting with them.

Those benefits were on display at a workshop last Friday hosted by island-based organization Axiom Equine, where a Beachcomber reporter joined eight students for several activities meant to promote resilience and self-empowerment, giving them skills that are intended to serve them as they progress through high school and beyond.


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